Pupil Council and Voices of Change

One of the key values in Greenwood Academy is ‘Pupil Voice’. We recognise that pupils have the right to have their views taken seriously and that they Pupil Councilmust have an active role in the running of the school. We have a Junior Pupil Council for S1, S2 & S3 and a Senior Pupil Council for S4 S5 & S6. Members from each year group represent their peers and raise issues or highlight success within the school. We also have a cross year group council called Voices of Change, which consists of members from all year groups. Both the Pupil Council and Voices of Change allow pupils to express their opinions and have their voice heard in the important decision making that goes on within the school.

Our Pupil Council and Voices of Change meetings are held fortnightly and the Voices of Change meet once after school every month. Our meetings are always very productive and pupils are always keen to speak out. We discuss main issues within the school and how we could work to change things. In the past pupils have helped promote issues such as uniform, punctuality, litter and bullying. We are currently discussing issues in relation to mental health, recycling, motivational quotes, our awards system and the Global Goals.

Last session pupils campaigned to raise awareness of the need to recycle in order to make the world a more sustainable place. Pupils designed posters, placing them around the school resulting in pupils adopting a positive attitude towards recycling. We managed to get blue bins for our Atrium which means that pupils now have a place to recycle plastic bottles. These bins are used by pupils all the time and have been very successful. Our next project is to create a Motivation Quote for each week of the year. We hope that this will create a positive atmosphere for pupils when they start to learn at the beginning of a new week. This should make pupils more attentive and open minded towards learning. During October members of the Pupil Council went to stay for a weekend at the Active Outdoor Centre in Arran. Pupils worked on agenda items, discussed school policies and took part in various teambuilding exercises. Everyone really enjoyed the trip and as a result many will achieve their Participative Democracy Award.

We hope that every pupil within Greenwood Academy understands the importance of their opinions and how they can have their voice heard throughout the school. Pupils can express their views through their class representative or by using our suggestion boxes located at the main office. If you wish to be more involved within the school through the Pupil Council please speak to Mrs Dunker or any of the School Captains.

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