Parent Council

What is the Parent Council?

The Parent Council is a representative group from the ‘Parent Forum’ which incorporates all parents/carers of pupils in the school.  Any parent or carer can join the Parent Council at any time during the school year but office bearers are elected at the Annual General Meeting.

What do the Parent Council do?

The Parent Council meet 9 times during the school year.  We work in partnership with the school to represent parents’ views on all aspects of our children’s education including the School Improvement Plan, policies, reporting, assessment, etc.

What happens at a meeting?

Our meetings are relatively informal and are conducted from a parental perspective.  Mrs McGuire attends all of our meetings and senior pupils or staff members also attend as guests.  Each meeting focuses on a specific school issue and members get a chance to give opinions, comments or suggestions. The Parent Council can also raise items from parents but these must be related to overall school issues and not individual children. The meetings are a great opportunity to keep up to date with school initiatives and meet other parents.


We support the school in this regard as much as possible.  We run the bottle stall at the Christmas Fair and occasionally organise events to procure funds for specific projects.

Latest Reports

Click on the links below to access Parent Council minutes.

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