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Greenwood Academy Snowsports 2017

On 2 January, 28 pupils accompanied by Mr Torbit, Ms Greenlees and Miss O’Neill travelled to Bormio, Italy to ski. Pupils enjoyed 4 hours of lessons each day, with a lovely lunch in a mountain restaurant. Pupils made great progress, in sometimes difficult weather conditions, challenging themselves and reaching the dizzying height of Bormio 3000 by the end of the week. In the evenings a number of activities were organised such as ice skating, swimming, treasure hunt, quizzes, a dance off and even the legendary Torbito Town Tour.


It was a very successful trip as many people conquered their fears, whether it was having a boogie on the dancefloor or skiing from 3000m. Everyone developed their skills from snowploughing to parallel turns or learning new tricks such as jumps and hockey stops. The legacy of this trip will also include the memories and friendships which will last a lifetime.

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