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Easter School

As additional preparation for the forthcoming SQA exams, revision classes for a number of subjects will be held.  Pupils will be asked in advance what classes they will attend.  Pupils must register in the Atrium before going to class.  Pupils attending more than one class on the same day are expected to being a packed lunch.

The timetable is available by clicking on the document link below.

Easter School 2017


Revision/Master Classes – Updated Timetable

A copy of the timetable for this session is available from the link below.  The majority of the classes are a couple of days before the exam, where possible.  Classes run periods 1-4 (Wednesday and Friday) and periods 1-5 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday).  The only subject with a full day class is English (Higher and National 5).  Please note the timings for Higher and National 5 Media.  Class teachers will inform pupils of room numbers.

Master Classes 2017


SQA Exams 2017

A copy of the 2017 SQA exam timetable is available from the link below.

Exam Timetable 2017

A range of timetable tools and apps, including a study plan app, are available from the SQA website.  These can be accessed via the following link:




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