Welcome to Greenwood Academy’s Website

Welcome to our website, which we aim to make it as accessible, informative and interesting as possible. We want it to reflect the excellence which we strive for through our extensive range of subjects and the wider experiences we offer our learners. Our unique personalisation and choice means that we cater for all pupils, preparing them for the world of work beyond school. We pride ourselves in the successful pathways which we make available and which allow all learners to excel.

It is a privilege to be Head Teacher of Greenwood Academy and to lead pupils and staff on our learning journey. I am proud to be able to share our achievements and successes with you through this website; it conveys our ambition for our learners and we are delighted that some of these learners are active contributors to it. The website offers us the opportunity to engage with all our parents and carers and those who work with us because we know that we do not work in isolation: to be successful, we are focussing on “Getting It Right Together”.

Our school motto, “Aye to Learn”, highlights our commitment to continuous improvement and we welcome your views. If you have feedback or ideas and suggestions about what you would like included on the website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,
Christine McGuire

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